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I attended college and received a degree in Game Programming, from the University of Advancing Technology which is located in Tempe, Arizona. Through a series of courses pertaining directly to my field of study, I learned various skills such as collision detection, programmatically creating maps, AI, and more. Also had programming classes pertaining to the general computer science field using C/C++, C#, and Java.

After College

Since receiving my degree I have gone on to develop multiple mobile and HTML5 games, publishing them myself and also licensing them to game portals. I also work on new projects in my spare time which you can keep up with over at my BLOG. These projects include new games, websites, and even do the occasional live streaming or video tutorial for YouTube.


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Projects I have created

Time Trial Racers

Time Trial Racers

Simple racing game with leaderboards, released on Android devices 2016.

Ball Boomer

Ball Boomer

Physics based platform game where the goal is simple, destroy all the bombs in a level by building terrain and placing bouncers.


Personal Site

This website was developed by me using Bootstrap and a little time.




Developed and published multiple games across Android, iOS, HTML5.


Have worked professionally using AngularJS and other web technologies.


Developed games and apps for mobile devices.


You can download my most up-to-date resume by clicking the button below, if more details are need feel free to contact me.


If you would like to get ahold of me use the form below. Inquiries for jobs, HTML5 games, or other subjects are welcome.